Sholat dan Adzan

Setiap insan yang terlahir di dunia ini disambut dengan ADZAN

Ajal yang menjemput setiap insan ditutup dengan SHOLAT

Betapa dekat jarak antara ADZAN dan SHOLAT

Begitu juga dengan singkat nya kehidupan ini

** Cepet banget sih waktu berjalan? Tiba2 sudah mau umur 21 tahun..


7 comments on “Sholat dan Adzan

  1. Ada kata-kata bagus dari John Mayer:

    “My generation was never told we were going to get older. We thought we were going to hear our names on ‘Romper Room’ for the rest of our lives. For a long time, I was really upset about getting older, worried that things were just going to level out.

    “But then I realized that everyone around me was all getting older at the same time. We’re all fighting it together, and we’re always going to be those kids, the first really emotionally aware generation. When I realized that, I could relax about it a little bit.”

    Don’t worry Nex…kita semua menua bareng2 loh…
    NB: Semua umur yang bertambah makin barokah, ya….
    (lagipula tua’an aq lagi!!)

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